Flame of Candles and The Light of Joy of Indonesian Children Pray for Children Worldwide

At eight o'clock at night Alit Indonesia together with partners in the Stop Child Abuse Coalition commemorated the World Anti-Violence Day with prayers and lit candles simultaneously in three provinces, East Java, Bali and East Nusa Tenggara. 

Program Manager of Alit Indonesia, Slamet Santoso said, "The World Anti-Child Abuse Day was historically designated as a monument when the United Nations General Assembly, precisely the Committee for the Rights of the Child released information about the victims of war violence that caused many deaths of children. After that, the United Nations established a convention on the rights of the child and many countries including Indonesia ratified it."

Surabaya and Bromo, commemorating the day together in Tetirah Gayatri, Palangsari Village, Puspo, Pasuruan. Malang Raya, held in Balesari Village, Ngajum, Malang and Bulukerto Village, Bumiaji, Batu City. Jember was held in Klungkung Village, Sukorambi, Jember. Banyuwangi is held in Kaliploso Village, Cluring, Banyuwangi. Bali, held at Catur Bhuana Temple, Tampaksiring Village, Gianyar Bali and Flores was held in Ladogahar Village, Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara.

Faruq, Regional Coordinator of Jember & Banyuwangi, from KP2M Banyuwangi said, "The children in Jember and Banyuwangi are moved and happy. In the midst of a pandemic that limited children to play, they still get attention and can meet other children. Some of the volunteers and staff who had accompanied the children, left tears in their eyes. The prayer is not only for Indonesian children, but also for children around the world.

Bali Regional Coordinator, Putri, also added, "Children in traditional Balinese dress commemorate in an atmosphere of longing to return to school." In Bali, too, adults accompany their children to pray at the temple.

On November 20, it was followed by a celebration for children as a form of joy at the Universal Children's Day commemorations. Dozens of children from Tampaksiring Village, Gianyar, Bali, were involved in discussions with volunteers, singing together and playing in Campuhan River. In Malang, the joy was echoed. Imron, Malang Regional Coordinator, Alit Indonesia partner from LPPM Unira said, "After a night of musings, today the children are happy together, happy with various games. They laughed."

Another story in Banyuwangi, together with the residents of Kaliploso Village, Cluring, they held a children's jamboree. This joy is like replacing the joy of seventeen August missed by children due to the pandemic. Flores, who is strengthened by volunteers who have been accompanying children for years, did not miss this day empty schedule. They also played and gathered with the children of Ladogahar Village, Sikka. Usually they gather to do Merdeka Belajar class when the school is not open yet, so today their main theme is play.

Executive Director of Alit Indonesia, Yuliati Umrah stated, "Really happy, these two days we can be with the children, pray together and share the joy with them. At a time when adults still have to work for economic recovery, children are forgotten. We hope that these two days as well as a series of activities for children and young people in November can slightly restore our memories and attention to the fate of children as generation of the nation."

Report: Korwil Surabaya, Korwil Bromo, Korwil Flores, Korwil Bali, LPPM Unira Malang (Mitra Alit Indonesia), KP2M Banyuwangi (Mitra Alit Indonesia)